Brother Markos

Reclusive ward of Father Gregory


Brother Markos is a short, portly young man, rarely seen around town.

He’s never been seen unhooded or bereft of his holy vestments of the new god. His clothing is worn and plain but well-maintained. His robes drag the ground.

Though his features are mostly buried in his hood, his eyes and hair both show to be brown. His beard lacks the fullness of adulthood – patchy and thin – but has a natural curl that matches that of his hair.


Very little is known of the origin of Brother Markos, and Father Gregory offers little explanation for his ward. Some say he is the priests bastard son, others an orphan left on the temple’s steps.

Regardless of his past, Markos has rarely been seen outside of the temple. Inside, he is regularly seen quietly following Father Gregory – assisting in the rites of the holy days and performing chores and tasks about the grounds.

A quiet, reserved lad, Markos seems to suffer some condition of the nerves – jumping and cowering at loud noises, sudden surprises and the like. Those prone to gossip reckon that it is a hint to his early days, when he was obviously the victim of a dark event. Others reckon the boy may be a bit touched – whether by madness or corruption, the tale varies by the telling.

Still, there are a few of the elderly and infirm in the town who insist the boy has spoken quiet, words of blessing or performed unbidden kindesses in times of need. Appearing, assisting and slipping away again with a quiet, smiling grace.

Brother Markos

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